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How to help your patient get healthy?

After dental surgery, doctors prescribe non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and often antibiotics. Although these drugs are essential, they are known to have a wide range of side-effects, and the overuse of antibiotics is leading to an increase in bacterial resistance worldwide. A team of Lithuanian biotechnology researchers is presenting a new innovation that could reduce the need for these drugs and help patients stay healthy.

Lithuanian health innovation experts have developed a natural product that helps patients recover faster after dental surgery. Fitodenta’s cosmetic formula consists of cannabinoids and a synergistic action with other active substances of botanical origin whose therapeutic effects have been validated by the European Pharmacopoeia. The ingredients of the product, which is a mouth spray and a gel for external use, have anti-inflammatory, pain-reducing and healing properties without adverse side effects.

“To relieve pain and get rid of other discomforts caused by dental surgery, patients take medications prescribed by their doctors, but many of them do not know that NSAIDs have a multitude of side effects, and that antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria in the human body, but also the good bacteria, and promote the resistance of pathogenic bacteria to antibiotics,” says Dr Juozas Šiurkus, one of the authors of the Fitodenta product. – Of course, these medicines are very important and necessary, but they must be used with the utmost responsibility and care. Fitodenta can be used in combination with other common chemical medicines. Its therapeutic properties can help to reduce the need for medication and in some cases can be avoided altogether.”

Easier post-operative period

Almost 10 years ago, a team of researchers began to study the components of hemp and how its beneficial properties could be used to treat patients. Within 5 years, a prototype product with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties was developed. Initially, the product was used to treat wounds from local injuries.

“I’ve had my own experience of extracting teeth, and I know very well that the healing of oral injuries is very unpleasant and can be difficult. After dental surgery, people suffer from swelling, pain and other unpleasant sensations in the mucous membrane. At the time, we had a prototype made from hemp extract, so we had the idea to develop the product to help patients after dental surgery,” says Dr J. Šiurkus, one of the co-founders of the company, sharing the story behind the creation of Fitodenta.

– Our aim was to find a way to help the patient get back to normal life as quickly as possible, so that they could be relieved of their discomfort as soon as possible. After all, nobody wants to go to work swollen or in pain. The results of the clinical trials confirm that we have found a way to do just that.”

A group of Lithuanian and British dentists and implantologists have tested the product and recommended it to patients, and clinical trials have been carried out on 200 different cases. “All the patients in the study had a very positive effect with Fitodenta: all the post-operative symptoms were much milder, the pain and stretching were reduced, and the wound healed faster. Patients were less likely to use painkillers as a result of the product’s positive effects, while others did not choose painkillers at all because there was no need. None of the subjects reported any side effects,” says Dr Šiurkus.

Clinical trials have shown that Fitodenta products used in combination with traditional

post-operative medications have accelerated the healing of patients after dental interventions by as much as 40%.

Patients must be informed

NSAIDs are important and necessary for society, but like many other medicines, they have side effects. According to the package leaflets, patients taking painkillers and anti-inflammatories may experience headaches or dizziness, gastrointestinal disturbances, gastrointestinal bleeding, vomiting of blood, rashes, fatigue, ulceration of the mouth, stomach ulcers or breakthroughs, inflammation of the lining of the stomach, impairment of the liver and kidneys, heart attack or stroke and more.

The likelihood of side effects increases significantly if the patient is taking the medicine inappropriately: at too high a dose, too often, for too long a period of time, taking other medicines that are incompatible with the NSAIDs, allergic to the ingredients of these medicines, etc.

NSAIDs should not be used if the patient is suffering from hepatic, renal or cardiac insufficiency; during the last three months of pregnancy, while breastfeeding; if there is or has been a history of peptic ulceration; or if there is a history of gastrointestinal bleeding or ulceration associated with previous NSAID use.

Doctors prescribing NSAIDs to patients must warn them about the correct use of the medicine to avoid side effects. It is to be welcomed if these medicines can be avoided or at least reduce the need. One option after dental surgery is the Fitodenta product, which can also be a solution for people who cannot take NSAIDs due to a medical condition.

“Many people are unaware of the potential health risks when taking NSAIDs. These medicines are very important for society, but misuse can have dire consequences,” says Dr Šiurkus. – “Fitodenta can also be a help for people who are already debilitated by chemical drugs, so this natural product can help them avoid taking a few more pills.”

One product – two uses

This product is unique in that it consists of an oil-based oral spray and a gel for external use. “Interventions during dental surgery damage the oral mucosa and can cause inflammation in the deep tissues. Fitodenta allows wide access to the affected areas: the spray should be applied in the mouth directly on the wound and the gel should be applied on the skin of the cheek, where pain and swelling are felt. One of the advantages of this product is that it works both externally and internally, increasing the likelihood of a positive effect and speeding up the healing process,” says the researcher.

“The Fitodenta product has a healing-promoting and disinfecting effect, but because it is made from natural substances, it is not aggressive, so there is no damage to the oral mucosa or the skin.

The developers of this product believe Fitodenta will broaden the view of both patients and doctors towards healthier healing. “I am confident that people will try this next generation product and even solve their other problems in their own innovative way. This will stimulate progress and the search for alternatives to achieve healthier and shorter healing without harming themselves,” says Dr. J. Šiurkus


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